Warriors of Hope

"We provide support to underprivileged communities through education and life skills programs, food hampers, collaboration, and empowerment to encourage growth and self-sustainable projects for their communities"

Our Projects

In addition to the spiritual support which the chaplaincy provides to both children and parents, we have the following ongoing projects.

Hope . Show . Care

Warriors of Hope seeks to spread hope, show care, and enable steadfastness, courage, and resilience in facing difficult situations with dignity.


a little hope


a little love


a little strength


the faith alive

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Our Partners

Thank you to our wonderful partners who assist in make this possible.


We've had the privilege of sharing some amazing experiences with great volunteers, and here's what they have to say:

May you be blessed for all the good work you're doing! Thanks for letting me be part of your Red Cross Craft Fun Day. The children (and their parents) were really touched by this. May Allah ease their pain and suffering.

Samira Ghoor

What a morning. To be blessed to spend some time with these amazing children and their parents alhamdulillah. Two little boys really touched my heart. Laying in bed, Waiting to have operations they looked soo listless and withdrawn. By the time we left they were sitting up and having a great time. Little Aadam refused to smile or even take part when we got there but when we left he was smiling and even waved to us. May we continue to be blessed in this way. To see a smile on a sick little boy or girls face. Only through the will of Allah Azzawajal

Nadia Salie

Mandela day spent with Warriors of Hope at Bramble Way Primary School. Huge Shukran/Thank you to Mrs Zeenat Parker for making it possible for us to be part of Bramble Way School learners. May Warriors of Hope grow from strength to strength, and continue the sterling working you provide our community with.

Gadija Sait

I had an absolutely AMAZING experience with the lovely ladies of Warriors of Hope today. We spent time with children in the wards.....seeing those expressions of delight and joy when we did our crafts with them and when they received their gift bag touched my heart and made me realise how grateful we should be for what we have Alhamdullilah. We so often take things for granted. I was truly blessed that I could contribute a little bit towards their day by spreading LOVE...seeing the STRENGTH these parents have was humbling....giving them HOPE that things will get better Insha Allah and keeping the FAITH that there is going to be a better tomorrow. 

Tahira Hoosain


We're excited to be awarded this Certificate of Appreciation by LeadSA!


Warriors of Hope are proudly collaborated with the following organisations:

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