Chaplaincy at Red Cross Children’s Hospital

The Chaplaincy at Red Cross Children’s Hospital: WOHSA have a team of four Muslim Chaplains who form part Red Cross Children’s Hospital Chaplaincy team. They provide a valuable emotional support and spiritual care to parents at the hospital who have either lost a child to death or been given a serious diagnosis, or any parent who needs assistance.

To assist with this mission WOHSA produced a bereavement book called: “Your Child Your Jannah”. This book will be made available to all those who have experienced loss of a child. Our book aims to be a source of support and encouragement as well as to assist with the grieving process. The book will be translated into the two other official languages of the Western Cape and will be available as a digital copy on our website. We aim to expand the translations to other official languages as well.

In addition, WOH has an established relationship with the Hospital and provides goods and other services to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s’ Hospital. We aim to assist in making the children’s’ stay as comfortable as possible, and to provide the parents of the child patient with required necessities. During their stay at hospital, they often have no access to basic toiletries and food, which we therefore try to provide as a relief while they go through this already trying time.

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