About Us

Our History

Warriors of Hope South Africa (WOHSA) was established in 2014 by Zeenat Parker with a vision to serve underprivileged communities in the Western Cape. Zeenat Parker is the founder and current Chairperson of Warriors of Hope and is affiliated to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Chaplaincy. WOHSA is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and has an active Board of eight (8) members. The organisation is based on the principles of serving our Creator, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Our Mission

The WOHSA is an organisation which aims to spread a little HOPE, show a little LOVE, give a little STRENGTH, and have a little FAITH.

“Let there be a group among you who call to goodness, encourage what is good, forbid what is evil – it is they who are successful.” Quran 3:104.

Warriors of Hope South Africa is an organization who in seeking the pleasure of Allah, seeks to spread hope, show care, and enable steadfastness, courage, and resilience in facing difficult situations with dignity.

Our Vision

To give hope through giving dignity, encouragement, and empowering communities through meaningful connections.

“Spread a Little Hope, Show a Little Love, Give a Little Strength and Keep The Faith.”

Meet The Team

Founder/Chairperson: Zeenat Parker

Chaplain at Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Chairs meetings, Sponsor engagement, Fundraising initiatives, Oversees the sustainability of projects, Empowers the team

Vice Chair: Shanaaz Galant

Chair meetings when chairperson is not available, public relations, particularly with radio broadcasts. key role in the education context of the organisation – to identify schools for life skills programmes and handout of sanitary towels. Member of the working group developing the content of Life Skills Programme and expansion to other schools.

Treasurer: Shaheena Khan

Ensure monthly payments are made, Statements are updated, Income and Expenses, Balance sheet is recorded and updated, report on budgeting for projects, Manage expenses related to projects

Assistant Treasurer: Mustafa Arif

Ensuring that all financial inflows and outflows of the organization are consolidated in a formal document. Categorizing revenue, expenses, and project spending. Suggesting the percentage of funds to be allocated to certain projects to ensure that the funds are utilized in the best manner possible.

Operations Support: Ashiq Parker

Provides support in all aspects of the organisation, Finance, Website. Ensures member engagement in projects, assists secretary on various projects for on time delivery and execution of tasks.

Secretary/Operations: Maryam Kriel

Assist Chair with meetings, minutes, provide feedback on projects and outcomes, coordinating and liaising with potential sponsors, donors and collaborators. Ensure members are kept abreast of upcoming deadlines and due dates project specific. Manage the team dynamics.

Lead Facilitator: Ayesha September

Ayesha is our lead facilitator at Warriors of Hope and is actively involved with our Bramble Education Team amongst other projects. She is one of our Board Members, since 2020.