Our Partners

We work closely with The Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association. This ensures that we address the relevant and most critical current needs within the hospital. We aim to involve youth in our projects and to make them aware of the plight of children who could be their own classmates and friends.

Our peer-to-peer connection was initiated in our gift drive many years ago, when we partnered with schools like Islamia Academy and Cravenby Primary. Over the years we have made alliances with more schools like Star International, Sleepy Hollow and Rylands Primary. The younger learners have volunteered services like card-making, gift collections, a mobile library, with the older children committing to cooking food for Red Cross.

We affiliate with likeminded NGO’s who offer their support in areas that are outside our area of expertise. During the Covid-19 pandemic we collaborated with “The Bonteheuwel Joint Peace Forum” and “The Bonteheuwel Street Champions”.

Bramble Way Primary is the first school where our wellness programme has been implemented. We do mindfulness and personal development with the Grade 4 and Grade 7 learners. We are currently in the process of expanding into other schools, where these programs are much needed.

Let's Connect

We are constantly striving to expand our reach and would love to connect to like-minded people.
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