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Life Skills programme: WOH has established a Wellness programme at Bramble Way Primary School. Our volunteer facilitators dedicate their time on a weekly basis to vulnerable children, to empower and support them to make positive and long-term changes in their lives. Their focus is teaching Life Skills: good values, self-respect, mediation, acts of kindness, non-bullying, self-management skills, dealing with peer pressure, mindfulness through meditation, menstrual health, and age appropriate sex education.

WOHSA has recently started an Art Therapy Project at Belgravia High School. This is an eight-week Art program is based on art therapy principles – portraying the metamorphose from caterpillar to butterfly – the transformation is translated to therapy for traumatised individuals.

Distribution of washable sanitary towels – collaborations: Washable Sanitary towels have been handed out to learners, refugees and at Tygerberg Hospital. The reusable sanitary towels address the exorbitant economic cost of disposable sanitary towels, and conforms with the “keep the girl child in school” campaign. The unaffordability of disposable sanitary towels results in menstruating girls missing school and eventually dropping out and missing out on their opportunity of overcoming their challenging economic circumstances. One disposable sanitary towel can take 500 to 800 years to decompose, as the plastic is non-biodegradable and can lead to health and environmental hazards. The reusable sanitary towels are environmentally friendly and a constructive way of reducing our carbon footprint.

In 2017 WOHSA distributed washable sanitary towels to Grade 7 learners at Bramble Way Primary School and realised that there was an urgent need for more life skills workshops at the school. The three (3) year roll out plan for the programme has been expanded to equip Grade 5 – Grade 7 learners with coping mechanisms to face social situations they are faced with in the community. We are aiming to expand the programme into all primary schools in Cape Town initially and then further afield. The reusable sanitary towel handout with be accompanied by a 2 – 5-day menstrual health educational programme for both boys and girls and a menstrual health book. We aim to recruit and train additional facilitators, including male role models (who will be vetted) to inspire the youth with insightful, helpful, and constructive programmes.

WOHSA is currently embarking on a collaborative project with the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) for the production and distribution of reusable sanitary towel. The SANZAF skills centres will produce the reusable sanitary towels, thus teaching the community skills and facilitating job creation. WOHSA is in the process of obtaining SABS approval for the reusable sanitary towels.

The Chaplaincy at Red Cross Children’s Hospital: WOHSA have a team of four Muslim Chaplains who form part Red Cross Children’s Hospital Chaplaincy team. They provide a valuable emotional support and spiritual care to parents at the hospital who have either lost a child to death or been given a serious diagnosis, or any parent who needs assistance. To assist with this mission WOHSA produced a bereavement book called: “Your Child Your Jannah”. This book will be made available to all those who have experienced loss of a child. Our book aims to be a source of support and encouragement as well as to assist with the grieving process. The book will be translated into the two other official languages of the Western Cape and will be available as a digital copy on our website. We aim to expand the
translations to other official languages as well.

In addition, WOH has an established relationship with the Hospital and provides goods and other services to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s’ Hospital. We aim to assist in making the children’s’ stay as comfortable as possible, and to provide the parents of the child patient with required necessities. During their stay at hospital, they often have no access to basic toiletries and food, which we therefore try to provide as a relief while they go through this already trying time.

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