Washable Sanitary Towels Distribution

Washable Sanitary Towels Distribution​

Our organisation has been striving to educate young girls to learn more about their menstrual health and also make use of the sanitary towels we produce so that they can avoid skipping school.

The unaffordability of disposable sanitary towels results in menstruating girls missing school and eventually dropping out and missing out on their opportunity of overcoming their challenging economic circumstances.

Bearing those circumstances, we proactively seek the assistance of the community to help us achieve our goal to manufacture and distribute sanitary towels to the disadvantaged areas.

The reusable sanitary towels are environmentally friendly and a constructive way of reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Projects

Supporting underprivileged communities through education and life skills programs, food hampers, collaboration, and empowerment to encourage growth and self-sustainable projects for themselves.
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